Update 1.4.3 (9/22/2019)

• Most probably last minor 1.4 update. 1.5 here we come!
• New Prestiges tab where you can check who's closest to prestiging, and the stats of all the current prestiges!
• Some minor bug fixes and cleans done to the system.
• Approaching 30k+ players tracked daily!

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Armenium.xyz Stats

tracking 28,985 players daily for 324 days
21,954✫ gained this week by all 29k players tracked
average tracked player has 55✫
average tracked player has 397 average wins
site cache is 8.59 GB
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How to customize your page

Becoming a Patreon member not only allows you to customize the background of your page, but also makes it so that your daily stats tracking are prioritized every day so you don't have to wait too long! A great way to make your experience more fun while supporting the server costs of this website!
Pledging $2 a month or more automatically gives you this perk. Just contact me via the networks below when you do!

About the developer

Hi! I'm Armenium, a self-taught web developer for 2+ years that also has a YouTube channel. Minecraft is epic.
If you need to contact me, my Discord is Armenium#8888.

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