Update 1.4 (8/19/2019)

• Brand new homepage that looks a lot cooler and is also a lot faster!
• Major code revamps to optimize the site and make it seamless with animations and more
• Trivia is now a lot easier to find and view!
• You can now search a random player in the database with the button on the homepage!
• First part of major site optimization updates, more coming soon within the week!
• Now tracking over 34,000 players daily!

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Armenium.xyz Stats

tracking 34,054 players daily for 273 days
21,871✫ gained this week by all 34.1k players tracked
average tracked player has 68✫
average tracked player has 475 average wins
site cache is 5.83 GB
Search a random player in the database!

About the developer

Hi! I'm Armenium, a self-taught web developer for 2+ years that also has a YouTube channel. Minecraft is epic.
If you need to contact me, my Discord is Armenium#8888.