Frequently Asked Questions uses the Hypixel API (which is freely accessible by the public) for all player data accessible on the website. may also request a Discord integration, but this is only to verify that you own your Minecraft account. only collects your Discord ID from this integration, and you can verify this by simply reading the permissions granted when you are sent to Discord's authorization page. automatically cycles through all tracked players daily, starting at 12:00 AM GMT. It retrieves stats on each player and stores it. This process usually takes several hours.

You can become an Insider by becoming a Patreon. Insiders get a cool badge next to their name, can customize their stats page, have access to the session analysis feature, and also gain access to beta features and a secret beta Discord server! Insiders are also supporting server costs and keeping ad-free™!

The Analysis feature is basically a workout tracker but for Hypixel. It takes the statistics you had right before you joined Hypixel, and when you leave compares the statistics between the time you joined and the time you left.
Note: This feature is only available to Insiders.

Tracking every single Hypixel player daily would be a computational nightmare, and would take extremely powerful (and extremely costly) servers, so only caches players that were searched by users of the site and also the top 500 in each game. If you think someone is missing, just search 'em up!

You can either contact me at [email protected], contact me on Discord (Armenium#8888), or send me a DM on Twitter (@ArmeniumYT).