The Armenium Insider program

The insider program is a great way to support's server costs while getting some really cool features. Here's a brief explanation of everything you will get.

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Full stats page customization

This allows you to change your background, add an emoji next to your name, add up to 160 characters of text under your skin image, and even disable visibility of previous names and when you last logged in! Many more features are yet to come.
Fun fact: You will be able to edit most of the elements described above from the Discord bot as well!

Fully analyze your Hypixel sessions

See your Hypixel sessions in a new way with the new Analysis feature! The Analysis feature is basically a workout tracker but for Hypixel. It takes the statistics you had right before you joined Hypixel, and when you leave compares the statistics between the time you joined and the time you left.
The best part is that you will receive a link to your session data that you can use to flex your session stats to anyone you like! I know grandpa would especially love to see how well you can tryhard Bedwars.

Invitation to the beta Discord server

You will be invited to a top-secret beta server, where you can very easily request new features or report bugs, and talk to other insiders, beta testers, and the developer himself!


This is probably the least exciting feature on this webpage, but it's still important. You help pay's fairly high server costs and you help thousands of other users have a beautiful, clean, and most importantly, an ad-free experience. Good on you!

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